BANATSKI SOKO offers a wide range of spare parts for diesel pumps and injectors, such as:

  • In-line pumps
  • DPA pumps
  • EPIC pumps
  • DPC pumps
  • VE and VE-EDC pumps
  • VA pumps
  • Common-rail pumps

For diesel pumps offer the following products:

cartridge nozzle, element, check valve, injector, screen, rubber insert, the membrane, the membrane cartridge, rubber, seals, shaft gas-electric valve slenoid, the regulatory body of the valve, the valve regulatory CR, spring, fuse, screw, seal washers, tile insurance, seals, metering valve, bearing, lever off, seals, molded ring, cam ring, wing, relief valve, bakrna pad, cap, overflow valve, seal garnitra, piksna, rolls, metal seal, drukalica, set the AC pump, turbo addition, handle, sleeve, nozzle nut, rubber, dye cloth, power heads, eccentric, gear heads, spaced guides, access, correction fluid to the piston, silencer, piston lifter, camshaft, overflow pipe, a star filter, pump body, feed pump, magnet valve, injector, cylinder ...